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Steven Neuer

Steve Neuner, after serving almost a decade in the US Army, with a tour in Germany and two years in Viet Nam, still having that taste for combat, decided to enter the insurance business in Tacoma, WA in 1978.  There, Steve worked in the small business and estate planning areas for 12 years.  He then moved to Texas where he went into the Employee Leasing Business or PEO (Professional Employer Organizations) Business.    He helped grow several PEO’s, finally selling American Staff Resources, with over 15,000 worksite employees several years ago.


Steve has published articles both in the insurance and PEO fields.  He was featured on the front cover of Benefits Selling Magazine, an insurance industry magazine. He was hired to do a cost feasibility study using employee leasing for a hospital in San Diego, CA and sits on an advisory board for a dental insurance company.  Steve is a sought as a speaker for both PEO and insurance related subjects. 


He lives in Richardson, TX with his daughter, Olivia.  His son, Steven, works with him in the PEO business.  Steve is active in his church and raising his daughter.  Steve is currently the President of Corporate Alternatives, Inc., a PEO brokerage company.  Steve is also Managing Partner of Crux Business Group, LLC, an insurance brokerage firm in Richardson, TX. He can be reached at 972-744-0404 or at